Lanyards can be considered as a piece of rope, wire, and cloth created to attach and hang your personal items. They can be used to secure items like keys, cellphones, work badges, whistle or compass. You can wear it around your neck, waist or wrist. The lanyards were called “Wristlet” when you wear it around your wrist.
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Lanyards are functional and versatile items suitable for these professional places. Additionally, they can be used as promotional tools in a store and supermarket. Different types of lanyards offer different functions and are used for different purposes. So here come the questions: how to choose the right types lanyards and how to choose good quality lanyards?
A: Divided by Materials
If you want to achieve a certain design pattern, the core is using the right material. From polyester to woven, each lanyard material has its own features and is more suitable for a specific design or color option.
Here we list the five most common and popular lanyard materials. Let’s see it:
Polyester lanyards were crafted from lower price polyester material. This kind of lanyard is very popular because of its competitive price and relatively high quality. Another thing you need to know, the custom polyester lanyards have good air breathability. If you are a player or outdoor work, polyester lanyards are suitable for you.
Nylon Lanyards are another type of custom lanyard, which is expensive than other material lanyards. It has a shine on them that makes them stand out from the clutter. It has a smooth and fine texture. And its durability comes from its thicker material.
Dye-sublimated Lanyards are a kind of high-performance lanyards, which are applied to the advanced dye-sublimated printing technology. The different color dyes can be infused into the personalized lanyards. Your printed graphics on the custom lanyards won’t fade when you use it in complicated occasions.
Tubular lanyards were crafted with tube-shaped polyester fabric, like a shoelace. The tubular lanyards are popular for sports lovers. If you have a tight budget, you can select tubular lanyards, which can give you outstanding value.
Woven Lanyards use various threads to weave the simple text on the surface of lanyards. If you want to print simple logos on your lanyards, you can choose this lanyard.
Beaded Lanyards are a kind of decorative custom lanyards, and you can use the attachment to keep your ID cards and items security on lanyards. They shaped like beaded necklaces. Most women and young girls like it because of its fashionable appearance. The materials to create the beaded lanyards have glass beads, pearls, and crystal beads.

Lanyards Divided by Material
Different Kinds of Lanyards

B: Divided by functions
The Safety Breakaway Lanyards
The obvious difference between the safety breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway ones lies in whether the custom lanyards have an adjustable cable or not.
The Non-safety breakaway lanyards haven’t attached protection tool. While the separate cords of the safety breakaway lanyards make the two pieces of ropes separated when the outer force applied. It will give this lanyard more edges when used in a complicated environment where your lanyards can be easily caught in machines.
There are two types of safety vehicles, Plastic Safety Breakaway and Safety Buckle, respectively.
Plastic Safety Breakaway composed of two parts. It is often installed at the upper side of the custom made lanyards, touched by the rear side of your neck. You only need to pull it, and then it will be opened. The protection vehicle is important for wearers, especially for young people and the little child.
Plastic Safety Buckle needs you to press the button of two sides. It is made of plastic material and characterized by a lower cost. The manufacturer often fixes the safety buckle at the lower side of the custom polyester lanyards.



Using the safety breakaway for protecting yourself
Safety Breakaway and Non-safety Breakaway


Plain lanyards are the most simple and basic style of custom made lanyards. On the surface of the lanyards, there are no printing, graphics, and design. Only one color was shown on lanyards. The plain lanyards are the best option for a small size company to use as free gifts send to customers. Your personal items can be hanged by a metal attachment. Of course, if you have an idea about design, you can print it on lanyards by connecting with us.



Plain Customize Lanyards made by Polyester
plain lanyards

ID lanyards are mainly used for identification purposes, and your badges can be attached to the attachment made by metal or plastic. Wearing the high quality lanyards with your badge is an attractive and simple way to make identification in personal, business, school and company easily visible. The type of lanyards is popular because they are easy to use.
Customized Options for All Types of Lanyards
The lanyards mentioned above can be designed and customized by your requirements. For example, the materials, color combination, printing process, and the attachment were the parts of customize lanyards. The design on the surface of lanyards is a part that cannot be ignored. You need to consider how to make your information and logo printed on the lanyards stand out. Suggesting that you can find a professional company, like More information about different types of lanyards you will obtain from us.
The Attachments of Customize Lanyards.
Do you think just a single lanyard is a bit monotonous? Of course, we need to install the attachments on the customize lanyards to make them more practical in daily use. If you visit, you will find the customize system appeared on the Homepage. You can select different attachments in it. Bulldog clips and J-hook are useful tools to fix your ID badges and some small items like work cards. The Lobster claw attachment has a higher resistance value, which is the popular attachment when customers design lanyards. The Key Ring is an ideal selection when you need to carry lots of keys goes for a trip. You can add a safety breakaway on lanyards completely when little children or teenagers need to wear it.
Please notice the material made for the attachments is different. The attachment made by metal can afford heavyweight and use for a long period. The attachment made by plastic is the best selection for the people who have limited budgets. The cost of plastic attachment is cheaper than a metal attachment.

Using the attachments for fixing your items
Several Attachments of GS-JJ Customize System

This post covers only some categories of lanyards and there are still many types of lanyards out there in the market. If you are eager to know other varieties of lanyards, contact us., as an experienced lanyard maker, will satisfy your curiosity within the shortest time.
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