Red Blank Lanyards No Minimum
Red Blank Lanyards No Minimum
Polyester Lanyard without printing, length is 34"; width is 0.5", Metal Key Ring Attachment
Grey Blank Polyester Lanyards
Grey Blank Polyester Lanyards
Polyester Lanyard without printing, length is 34"; width is 0.75", Metal Oval Hook attachment
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Blank Polyester Lanyards

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  • Red Blank Lanyards No Minimum
  • Grey Blank Polyester Lanyards
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Simple Design: Blank Polyester Lanyards

Blank Polyester Lanyards

Let’s move to this simple product as Blank Polyester Lanyards. As a matter of fact, this type of lanyard also belongs to polyester lanyards series. The only difference is the surface printing on the polyester lanyards. Now, we will further understand the Blank Polyester Lanyards according to the following description.

How Many Features of the Blank Polyester Lanyards?

No Graphics and Printings

1. No Graphics and Printings on the Surface of Lanyards

Blank Polyester Lanyards can be made and printed to different color backgrounds, such as black lanyards and white lanyards. All colors will be supplied to the polyester lanyards. The blank polyester lanyards don’t need to print any text or graphics on the surface. This type of lanyard is suitable for the group or company that doesn’t need to make promotions.

Fast and Standard Production Times

2. Fast and Standard Production Times

Blank Polyester Lanyards have no complicated making process so that the production time is faster. When you want to print graphics on the white lanyards or black lanyards, the production time will be extended. The Free Air Shipping Service from Polyesterlanyard.com will make your product with the highest quality to your home as soon as possible.

The Design of the lanyards is simple

3. The Design of the lanyards is simple

If you are the collector of the polyester lanyards, you will know that the design of the lanyards is variable. The blank polyester lanyards only have a background color and an attachment.

If you want to make blank lanyards no minimum, your order process will be easier and shorter. Simple design product is suitable and available in all situations, such as company, business convention, and activity.

All colors

4. All colors can be supplied to the Personalized Lanyards.

The Blank Polyester Lanyards can use all kinds of colors such as yellow, pink, white and so on.

The black lanyards can be used in formal and serious situations. The white lanyards can be used in hospitals and other clean environments. Pink and purple lanyards are suitable for little girls and young teenagers.

Any colors you imaged can be supplied to your custom printed lanyards and cool lanyards.

The Order Process of Polyester Lanyards

Customization Process

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What Services you will get at Polyesterlanyards.com?

Free Air Shipping

Free Air Shipping

Air Shipping is the fastest way to deliver your product to your home. We provide free shipping and only spend a short time ensuring our customers get products quicker.

Free Design

Free Design

The design fee is expensive than you imaged. It is not an easy thing to meet all the requirements of customers for lanyards design. Our designer will create the best design solution for all customers until they satisfied.

Factory Price

Factory Price

We are the maker and producer of blank polyester lanyards. The factory price is the best service we can offer to you. The low price of lanyards with id badge holders won’t be founded at the second maker.

No Minimum Quantity

No Minimum Quantity

At Polyesterlanyards.com, we don’t have quantity limitations. The blank lanyards no minimum can meet the requirements of all customers. No Minimum can avoid the annoyance of customers in the process of ordering to a greater extent.

Contact us

Contact Us

As an experienced producer, Polyesterlanyards.com has offered design services for different orders about polyester lanyards. You can get blank polyester lanyards, high quality lanyards, and custom polyester lanyards with screen print. Our customers are always in the first place. Quality is a major concern of us.

Don’t wait anymore. Now, you can contact us via Telephone 18888644755, Email Info@GS-JJ.com, or website www.Polyesterlanyards.com.

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