The Economic and Practical Product: Polyester Lanyards

1. What is known as “Polyester Lanyards”?

HOSA Badge Lanyards

For the custom lanyards, it can be divided into two main types according to the lanyard material they used, like Polyester Lanyards and Nylon Lanyards. However, polyester lanyards are the most commonly used type in our daily life.

Literally, this kind of lanyard is crafted from a polyester fabric material, which has a textured appearance and good flexibility. It feels much softer and lighter than nylon lanyards.

All polyester lanyards have to add the right attachment at the end of lanyards for providing the tool you fix your ID badges or cards, such as badge reel. Using the polyester lanyards with high quality can promote your brand or products, identify and recognize the position of people.

2. Different Types of Polyester Lanyards

Blank Polyester Lanyards

No Graphics on the Surface of Personalized Lanyards / Fast and Standard Production Times / The Design of the lanyards is simple / All colors can be supplied to the Custom Lanyards / Made by Polyester Fabric Material with Low Price and Good Quality 

red blank cheap lanyards

Custom Polyester Lanyards

Your Design Solution can be used to the surface of lanyards / Durable and Highest Quality, Low Price Factory Price and Complicated Design / The Design of the lanyards is simple / Maximization of your Benefits in the company or other occasions.

deterra system lanyards no minimum

3. What is the characteristic of Polyester Lanyards?

Strong Fabric Material

Strong Fabric Material

Normally, the lanyards should be used for a long period and will be worn by many people. Hence, its quality has a high standard; the price needs to be affordable and reasonable. Polyester fabric material has owned these two main features. For companies and other organizations, polyester lanyards are the best choice for them.

Durable Quality and Best Resistant to most events

Durable Quality and Best Resistant to most events

The durable quality of polyester lanyards was recognized and accepted by the public. It was used in the formal convention, global competition, and other charities.

Most importantly, it is resistant to many chemicals. Additionally, functions of personalized lanyards included wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion-resistant. If you want to keep your custom lanyards as a souvenir, the preservation of polyester lanyards will not a difficult thing for you.

Easy to Wash and Dry

Easy to Wash and Dry

The polyester fabric material is hydrophobic in nature and drying quickly. And the polyester material of personalized lanyards is easy to wash. The grease and stubborn dirt on the polyester lanyards can be cleaned by water, so your custom lanyards recovering with the original color as soon as possible.

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4. What occasions can we use Polyester Lanyards?

Schools – For Students

Schools – For Students

Students in schools have various and myriad usage for custom lanyards. Students can wear them during the activity and conference. It is important for them to be aware of who the people around them are, and what is happening in their groups for avoiding confusion.

Wearing custom lanyards with an ID card can facilitate the process of activity or trip and provide more time for joining in an interesting activity. Also, other fields in school need to wear the personalized lanyards and ID badge to keep the order. As for the girls of cheerleading, adding a safety breakaway to the lanyards can avoid chocking.

Seminar and Formal Convention – For Public Speakers

Seminar and Formal Convention – For Public Speakers

If you are a Public Speaker who conducts a seminar or formal conventions, you must need a lanyard to hold on your ID card, mainly to make people understand who you are. The ID badge on your polyester lanyards should print with your name and personal information so that other people can know you in a short time.

Trade Show – For Attendees

Trade Show – For Attendees

In the environment of the trade show, the fashion lanyards with ID cards are the best way to identify position. This comes in handy for attendees that want to speak to certain people in the company.

All attendees have to wear the fashion lanyards with ID badge entered into the trade show. It can secure the attendees in the trade show. Hence, the purpose of the lanyards is to facilitate human interaction and create a safe environment.

Police Station – For Policeman

Police Station – For Policeman

The police station has lots of policemen that need to go outside for work. Personalized Lanyards are important to them. Policeman clips their ID badge on their custom lanyards and put it into id badge holders, just so people can see it better and easier. Officers also can use the lanyards to hold their whistles, night-stick and other devices they carry.

Besides these occasions, the fashion lanyards also were used in companies, charities, and other large events. There is no certain occasion and limitation and opened to everyone.

5. How to wear your polyester lanyards?

Wearing lanyards has lots of tips, which can help you look great.

Now, it’s time for us to teach you how to wear a lanyard with unique styles.

One: Hang it On Your Bag

The bag is mainly to put your important items when you are walking on the road. Why don’t you hang your fashion lanyards on your bag as well? It is fashionable for you to add your lanyards to your backpack. The color combination of your bag and lanyards depends on you.

Hang it On Your Bag

Two: Tie it Around Your Wrist

Learn a few basic knots to fix lanyards on your wrist. By doing this, your polyester lanyards will become a bracelet. Even, you can braid it to make it fashionable. Or add different color ribbon into the lanyards to make it colorful.

Tie it Around Your Wrist

Three: Wear it Around Belt Loops

If the color of lanyards matches your pants, ladies can loop lanyards around your belt loops for fashion. Looping your lanyards on belt hoops can become an attractive addition for your pants.

Of course, if you can tie different knots and braid by using lanyards, you will discover a new world of custom lanyards.

Wear it Around Belt Loops

Four: Hang it from Your Pocket

How to wear your lanyards in your pocket? You only need to hang it from the inside.

This is the current trend for lanyards. The reason why this is a trend is that because it is easy to show your lanyards’ meanings. Some people use pretty lanyards to show their support for the sports team.

Hang It from Your Pocket

6. How to Customize Polyester Lanyards?

Customization Process

7. Where can you buy polyester lanyards?

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